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Biotin for Black Hair Growth

Black hair growth is heavily dependant on Biotin to grow longer, healthy hair. But, if you're like most people you're probably curious what exactly Biotin is and why it's important to black hair growth. First here are a few quick facts about Biotin and Hair Growth:

biotin for black hair growth

In actuality, biotin is typically produced by the body in adequate amounts so that it is not necessary to supplement. For this reason, the daily recommended intake for the nutrient is rather small, and in some countries non-existant. There are some metabolic deficiencies or issues that could result in the need to take Biotin, but by in large you probably get enough from your diet for normal body function.

What Biotin Does For Hair Growth

  • Also called Vitamin H, or Vitamin B7, it is a water soluble B vitamin.
  • It is sometimes used as a healthy skin and hair supplement by itself
  • It is necessary for normal or healthy cell growth

But what if normal doesn't really do much for your hair? If your hair is regularly dull and damaged looking perhaps using Biotin for hair growth enhancement could help. While it's true that you may get enough biotin for your diet, it's possible that your hair could be missing out. This is because hair is considered a non-vital part of the body and is last in line to receive available nutrients.

Why Your Hair Needs Biotin

People often use Biotin for hair growth when they want their hair to look extra healthy, extra long, and grow faster. It's kind of like supercharging a racecar engine. A regular engine will move you along fine, but a super charged one will get you there much faster!

Conversly, one sign of Biotin deficiency is hair loss and thinning hair. Plus, you often see Biotin included in prenatal vitamins - which many people swear can do wonderful things for Hair growth in general.

Biotin is unquestionably one of the most important vitamins for hair growth. It can help heal damaged hair, and help return luster to dull hair.