One Easy Way To Prevent Black Hair Breakage

There is one easy way to prevent black hair breakage and it may surprise you:  It simply involves being gentle with your hair.

Whether your hair is wet or dry, take your time and comb hair carefully.  Black hair is easily damaged due to its dry and fragile state.  Processed hair is even more likely to break when you’re brushing it because processed hair has been weakened.

Whether your choice is a boar hair brush or a wide-tooth comb, you should start combing from the ends and work your way up.

eliminate black hair breakage

Be gentle on your hair! Pulling a comb through tangles only makes breakage worse.

Take Your Time

Separate your hair into sections, spray a leave-in conditioner into your hair and start combing, work from the ends of your hair to the top of your head.

The comb or brush will be able to glide through the ends of your hair, eliminating breakage or damage from knots or tangles.

Be careful when combing the ends of your hair because they are the weakest!

Use as much leave in conditioner as your hair will allow and comb it through out your hair from tips to roots.  Moisture is very important for healthy growth and daily use will give you noticeably softer hair that’s easier to style.

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