5 Crucial Tips For African American Hair

Follow these crucial tips for African American hair to get your hair healthier, stronger, and resist breakage.
tips for african american hair

1.  Find the Right Hair Product for Your Hair

All hair varies in texture, strength, elasticity.  That’s why there are so many hair products available, but the same one will not work for everyone. Make sure that you use a shampoo and conditioner that is enriched with vitamins for the best results.

2.  Moisturize Your Hair

Dry Hair is number one cause of breakage.  If your hair is breaking faster than it’s growing – you will never see longer hair. Conditioners or hair growth oils with deep penetration abilities are the best for African American hair.

3.  Try To Stay Away From Heat

Too much heat can dry your hair out and cause damage, leaving it dry, dull and brittle – which leads to breakage and shedding.  Try to stay away from the heat and practice protective hairstyles to help eliminate tangles and knots.

4.  Get Regular Trims

Even if you want to grow long hair, split ends will prevent you from reaching your goal.  Split ends need to be cut, otherwise hair continues to split and travel up hair shaft, taking any length with it! Despite what you may have heard, split ends cannot be repaired.  They must be eliminated!

5.  Eat Right

Nutrition is the ultimate secret to growing healthy natural hair fast!  Make sure your body has the nutrition it needs (in adequate amounts) to be able to grow healthier hair.

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