4 Tips to Help Ease the Transition to Natural Hair

People are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair in droves. Transitioning requires patience and willingness to learn new hair regimens no matter which route you take. There are two basic ways to transition to natural hair: going immediately to the big chop OR growing out chemically altered hair over time.

Regardless of which method you choose, the three critical factors are:

  • Gentle Care and Good Product Choices to Keep Hair Strong as it Transitions
  • Avoiding Breakage with Protective Styling
  • Constantly Encourage Growth

1.  Gentle is the Word from start to finish!transition to natural hair
If you are transitioning for an extended time you must carefully maintain your strands and keep shedding to a minimum. Use a gentle (preferably sulfate-free) shampoo for delicate, transitioning strands to avoid stripping the hair.

2.  Find a water-based moisturizer with good slip to aid in detangling.
Gentle detangling is important to avoid breakage because natural roots are often challenging to comb. Hair breaks easily at the point where the relaxed hair meets the new growth (line of demarcation), so first finger-detangle and then use the comb carefully working from tips to roots in small sections.

3.  Protective styling reduces stress for you and your hair!
When hair is in its fragile, transitioning state, reducing mechanical manipulations as much as possible can save strands. Employ protective styling whenever possible, which means keeping fragile ends invisible, tucked under in buns, twists or braids and not exposed to the environment. When transitioning using weaves to protect transitioning hair, always be sure to nourish your hair underneath with a daily moisture infusing spray!

4.  Accelerate growth and keep it going with smart choices!
Even before the Big Chop it is important to maintain a good protein and moisture balance. During the transition, choosing the right products helps to facilitate growth and length retention by keeping your hair strong. Gentle cleansing, use of restorative protein treatments as needed, and daily use of moisture-infusing products are critical to maintain hair’s strength and prevent breakage and shedding.

Evaluate various weight styling aids to find the right combination of styling flexibility and control. Finally exercise patience and maintain a healthy diet with plenty of water. Choose to think positively about this journey to a healthier you!

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