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Protein for Black Hair Growth

Protein is an essential element for hair to be healthy.Hair is made from protein. An amino acid (protein) called keratin is an essential building block of the cells that make up each strand of your hair.

Amino acids are crucial for the growth of African American hair, it should be an essential ingredient in any hair vitamins designed to encourage strong, faster hair growth. Exotic Allure Black hair growth vitamins contain the same ratios of amino acids for hair growth found in your hair to provide exactly the proper amount of proteins to encourage faster hair growth. protein for black hair growth

  • L-Cysteine
    This protein is one of the primary building blocks of the hair and Fast Grow contains almost 200mg per serving, more than any other Black hair growth vitamins.
  • Additional Protein
    In addition, Fast Grow also uses a breakthrough proprietary blend of aminos (almost 800mg per serving) to energize Black hair growth to levels of up to twice normal!

You may wonder, "Don't I get plenty of protein from the food I eat everyday?" - the answer to that is what does "plenty" mean to you? If it means enough for my body to function at a reasonable level and be healthy, then yes.

But if it means enough for your hair, skin, and nails to look vibrant, beautiful, and be in it's optimum healthy state, probably not. Most people don't pay much attention to how much nutrition they get from their diets. But adding proteins for Black hair growth with Fast Grow can energize the way your hair looks and get it growing longer, silky and healthy in no time.