vitamins for black hair
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Black Hair Shampoo with Emu Oil

Order Black Hair VitaminsWhat makes a good African / Black hair shampoo?

  • Black hair ShampooMoisturization
    Since black hair can often be overly dry, providing extra moisture is important. This requires a special formulation that stops dryness without being to heavy and leaving hair too oily. One of the best shampoo ingredients for this is emu oil, which is why it's a primary ingredient in Accelerate Black Hair shampoo.

  • Protein (Amino Acids)
    Since hair is made of protein fibers called keratin, the best way to strengthen it is by adding nutrients including proteins. Accelerate is infused with L-Cysteine, and Silk Protein to help create strong, resilient hair follicles.

  • Cleansing Power
    Accelerate is formulated to gently cleanse the hair and scalp by removing build-up. But at the same time it's gentle enough to not to strip the hair and create the perfect environment for healthy hair growth.

  • Vital Hair Nutrition
    Exotic Allure's Black hair shampoo infuses the hair with important vitamins and minerals including biotin, folic acid, panthenol, and vitamin E. In order for your hair to be it's healthiest, it must have a steady supply of key nutrients like these.

Our Black hair shampoo with emu oil is fortified with all the best nutrients that promote healthy, fast growing hair. In addition to being a scientificaly advanced shampoo, Accelerate is the perfect compliment to Fast Grow hair vitamins. Used together these products can produce the ultimate in fast growing, healthy hair.

Accelerate shampoo has a potent mixture of vitamins, minerals, protein and moisturizers that work together to simultaneously soften and fortify your hair. This makes Accelerate the best shampoo for not only relaxed, color treated, and braided hair, but for natural hair as well. Accelerate's key ingredient, Emu Oil, acts as super moisturizer that infuses dry, brittle hair with vibrant shine. There is simply no better Black hair shampoo.