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faster hair growth products for black hair

Faster Hair Growth Products

This kit includes a full range of faster hair growth products specifically formulated for black hair.

Fast Grow vitamins, hair oil, and Emu Oil shampoo and conditioner all contain biotin and other natural ingredients that infuse your hair with nutrients to eliminate breakage and help you get faster growing, healthier hair.

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Each of these products have been formulated to help improve the health of black hair and help it grow quicker. Fast Grow contains natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to help stimulate hair follicles and improve the strength and texture of hair.

  • Fast Grow Oil contains 100% natural oils that moisturize hair with a lightweight formula, aiding in faster hair growth and preventing breakage
  • Fast Grow Vitamins feed your hair from the inside out - encouraging thicker and faster hair growth
  • Emu Oil Shampoo helps maintain a healthy growing environment for your hair by gently cleansing buildup off of the scalp
  • Emu Oil Conditioner deeply moisturizes your hair with silk proteins, keeping it strong and beautiful

Fast Grow

Customer Reviews

"Oh.My.God. This stuff is AMAZING. My hair was always thin, breaking, dry, and it just seemed like it was never gonna get past my shoulders. I've been taking this for 2 months and my hair has grown almost 3 inches. And the thickness is so unreal!"

- Candida H. / Texas

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"I decided to cut my hair short, but then lived to regret it. I have always had longer hair, but I decided I could not wait an entire year for it to all grow back. It has not been a month yet and I am seeing dramatic growth." - Michelle O. / Milwaukee, WI

"Update my hair has grown so much that I can barely comb it. I deep condition my hair every week to keep my hair soft. I have been natural now for one year, and did my big chop in April of 2011, and I cannot tell you how much my hair has grown!" - Tonia / South Carolina

"I ordered my Exotic Allure on April 6th, 2010 and started taking them immediately- I saw the results and transition happening to my hair immediately! My hair was barely touching my earlobes and now my hair is almost shoulder length!" - Tanya / Bronx, NY