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hair vitamins for black women

Hair Vitamins For Black Women

This set includes a one month supply of Fast Grow Vitamins and a bottle of Fast Grow Hair Oil. Together these two products are ideal for black women who want to get healthier, faster growing hair.

Essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and oils soothe and nourish hair follicles, helping your hair become thicker and healthier.

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Black hair requires special care and certain nutrients in order to stay healthy. Biotin, MSM, and other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids work together to encourage hair to grow faster than before. Natural Jojoba, Coconut, and other oils are a gift from nature to your hair - soothing dryness and preventing breakage to help you retain gorgeous length.

Fast Grow

Customer Reviews

"I have used nearly two bottles of these vitamins and my hair has grown four inches. Plus, my hair is no longer breaking and falling out. THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT!"

- Stefani / Salem, OR

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"I just want to say this product is truly amazing. After just two weeks, I'm already seeing amazing results. My hair is shiny and getting longer." - Rosa Fields / Carson, NV

"I have been using this product on and off for a few yeas now and I Love it. It makes my hair stay healthy and it has a beautiful shine. I can cut my hair one month and in the next two to three it's like I never got a cut." - Erykah / Spring Valley, NY

"This product is great! After two weeks of using EA my edges are starting to fill in. I have experienced great results and am planning on signing up for the 12 month membership." - Brooke / Muskegon, MI