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How To Stop Hair Breakage

Black hair breakage can happen for a number of reasons. One of the most common causes of breakage is the overuse of relaxers. Relaxers are one of the most potent and alkaline chemicals anyone can put on the hair. The purpose of a hair relaxer is to destroy peptide bonds. In contrast to a curly perm which only breaks the bonds and then reforms them, relaxers destroy them.

Peptide bonds create the strength in the hair and physically holds the hair together. When the peptide bonds get destroyed, the hair straightens because it has lost most of its strength. When too many peptide bonds get destroyed by relaxers, the hair has no way to hold together so breakage occurs.

Once a peptide bond is destroyed no conditioner on earth can fix, mend, or repair it (contrary to many ads you see.) It is impossible to repair. Deep conditioners, protein treatments, oils, and treatments physically can not repair a destroyed peptide bond ever.

The only solution to stop breakage is to have hair in the strongest possible state BEFORE a relaxer is applied. The stronger your hair is prior to a chemical service, the better the outcome will be and you will have little or less damage as a result.

How Can You Get Stronger Hair?

Hair is mainly made up of amino acids. These amino acids form keratin, which is essentially what a strand of hair is. When you supply your body with amino acids, it can form this keratin and help keep your hair strong and healthy.

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