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Tips to Grow Long African American Hair Fast

Grow Long African American Hair
Whether your quest for faster growing hair has stemmed from a horrific hair cut, you are experiencing slow growth, have damaged hair or perhaps you just desire a new sexy look - nutrition is and always will be the most important part to growing long, healthy African American hair!

How To Grow Longer Hair

Diet is very important! Eating foods that are good for hair including like vegetables with green leaves, meats high in protein like chicken and fish are excellent sources of good hair food! Stepping up your protein intake is a quick way to start seeing beautiful changes in your hair.

Healthy hair needs nutrients including, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. Hair receives these nutrients through the bloodstream. Making sure that the scalp receives adequate blood circulation of oxygen to the hair follicle, is another key to fast hair growth.

Nourish Your Scalp

Another important secret to grow longer hair is to gently massage the scalp, two or three times a week. Using olive or almond oil to massage the scalp has been known to make hair follicles healthy and to produce healthier, shinier hair! Your scalp is the very foundation for growing hair, keep it healthy! Gels, hair products that contain petroleum or mineral based oils can prohibit hair growth. They work by sealing off hair and scalp - this can smother your hair follicles - preventing moisture and nutrition from hitting the roots!

Hair Growth Tips for African American Hair

  • Find the Right Hair Product for Your Hair - all hair is different, changes in texture, strength, elasticity, that's why there are many hair products available, the same one will not work for everyone. Make sure that you use hair shampoo and conditioner that is enriched with vitamins for the best results!
  • Moisturize Your Hair - Dry Hair is #1 Cause for African American hair breakage. If your hair is breaking faster, than it's growing - you will never see longer hair. Conditioners or hair growth oils with deep penetration abilities are the best for African American hair.
  • Try To Stay Away From Heat - Too much heat on hair, or using the wrong temperature can dry hair out and cause damage, leaving it dry, dull and brittle - which leads to breakage and shedding. Practice protective hairstyles to help eliminate tangles and knots.
  • Get Regular Trims - Even if you want to grow long hair, split ends will prevent you from reaching your goal. Split ends need to be cut, otherwise, hair continues to split and travel up hair shaft, taking any length with it! Despite what you may have heard, split ends cannot be repaired, they must be eliminated!
Nutrition is the ulimate secret to growing long hair fast! Make sure your body has the nutrition it needs (in adequate amounts) to encourage and stimulate healthy hair growth faster! Hair vitamins designed specifically for African American hair is a great way to start your journey to long, beautiful, sexy hair!

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